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  The Life LinksĀ THE LIFE LINKS is a trustworthy and agile Digital Marketing Agency that works with integrity and sincerity to turn your dreams into a digital reality.   Cooling Technology Cooling Technology. involves different kinds of equipment and products like Ac, Fans, air cooler, water cool chillers etc. Cooling technology design and manufacture wide

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SCSI technology

SCSI technology to USB, how to convert SCSI to USB?

SCSI stands for Microcomputer Systems Interface and is in many ways consider the father of USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology today. About a decade ago, SCSI technology ports were the prefer choice for connecting any peripheral device such as a printer, scanner, or camera to a computer. But with the help of SCSI technology modern

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Serial Port technology

Serial Port technology to USB adapter

A serial port technology to USB adapter is an adapter that allows the user to use older serial devices in newer PCs or simply plug it in, it allows to connect a serial device to a USB computer. This device can come in various configurations, from a simple cable with a 9-pin connector on one

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New Technology of USB Software Protection Dongle - Secure Storage on Key

New Technology of USB Software Protection Dongle – Secure Storage on Key

More than 20 years, lawful assurance for programming has expanded quickly all throughout the planet, the innovation and extent of implementation USB of programming insurance keeps on expanding in shifts strategies fundamentally. info technology hub A definitive programming insurance is the equipment based programming security dongle, or we can call equipment key, dongle-based assurance, programming

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Hard Disc Fundamentals and its uses and also how it is beneficial

Hard Disc Fundamentals

This article depicts the principle specialized essentials of Hard Circle Drive and its activity. I center my fascination around the specific viewpoint of depicting Physical and Consistent perspective on HDD, Perusing and Writing in the HDD. How does information get put away in that and contact some data about HDD interfaces. This article likewise draws

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G-Technology G-Drive External Hard Drive Review and benefits of

G-Technology G-Drive External Hard Drive Review

The 2TB G-Development G-Drive eSATA outside hard drive is the latest drive by G-Development, who is significant for the Hitachi Overall Limit Advances family. It has a striking appearance, yet is it a great hammer or one for the seat? Scrutinize our G-Drive review to find… Plan and Amass The arrangement and work of the

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