HEWLETT-PACKARD ENVY Sleek book 6z-1100 Review – An Ultra book with an Amazing Design and Helpful Technology

The new HEWLETT-PACKARD Jealousy

Sleek book 6z-1100 offers natural force and nice illustrations execution. You can appreciate quick web perusing and engaging exercises with this HEWLETT-PACKARD ultra-book. It has a metal plan with a thriving sub woofer.

You’ll be dazzled with the metal-bodied Sleek book when you remove it from the case. This model appears to be a bigger adaptation of the Jealousy 41043cl model, with its comparable metal completion. It’s genuinely convenient at 4.48 pounds, which isn’t terrible for a substitution work area.

The dark cover sports a little silver HEWLETT-PACKARD logo.

First flip around the journal and you will see that is has an astounding dazzling red base. The console deck has a similar aluminum finish. Little indents encompass the trackpad and console. The presentation is encircled by polished dark bezel.

You can type on a full-sized console unobtrusively, as the island-style keys are intended for quiet composing. They likewise offer great material input. Over the console you will discover the force catch and speakers. The trackpad is enormous and gently finished. It very well may be killed at whatever point you don’t have to utilize it. Contrasted with those on numerous different workstations in the business, this trackpad is agreeable and exact.

The base specs for the HEWLETT-PACKARD Jealousy

Sleek book 6z-1100 include:

· Show: 15.6 inch

· Illustrations: AMD Radeon HD 7500 G (discrete-class)

· Processor: 2.6 GHz AMD Double Center

· Hard drive: 500 GB (5400 rpm)

· Remote: 802.11 b/g/n (W-LAN) and Bluetooth

On account of the AMD designs and the local showcase goal of 1366×768, video and pictures show up clear and splendid. Another thing is that all the view will have precise tones and great differentiation.

Another incredible thing about this journal is that it has HEWLETT-PACKARD

Cool Sense Innovation. You can keep it on your lap the entire day without stressing over the warmth. Moreover the HEWLETT-PACKARD Protect Smart Hard Drive highlight will secure your hard drive on the off chance that you at any point drop the scratch pad or beat it facing something coincidentally. Thus the entirety of your significant records, documents, photographs, recordings, and so forth will be secured.

The HEWLETT-PACKARD Jealousy Sleek book 6z-1100

has an incredible determination of ports, including two USB 3.0 ports. Interface the entirety of your USB-empowered gadgets to the journal for simple matching up. There is likewise 1 USB 2.0 port, a HDMI port, and a full-size Ethernet port.

Remember that this ultra-book isn’t intended to be a top of the line PC. It’s ideal for everyday processing errands. It’s likewise an incredible decision for a versatile PC. On the off chance that you travel a ton for business. Additionally you can take it with you wherever you go.

In general, the HEWLETT-PACKARD Jealousy

So sleek book 6z-1100 offers a lot of programming and equipment for usefulness, versatility, and some amusement.Though its appearance alone makes it an absolute necessity have ultra-book. Dazzle the entirety of your companions each time you remove it from its case.

You truly can’t turn out badly with a ultra-book – particularly one like the HEWLETT-PACKARD

Jealousy Sleek book 6z-1100. So the limited time codes are at times accessible for web customers. Look at some other HEWLETT-PACKARD limits also so you can save money on all the other things you need.

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