Serial Port technology to USB adapter

A serial port technology to USB adapter is an adapter that allows the user to use older serial devices in newer PCs or simply plug it in, it allows to connect a serial device to a USB computer. This device can come in various configurations, from a simple cable with a 9-pin connector on one end and a USB connector on the other end to a hub that allows you to connect multiple serial technology hub

Some personal Serial Port technology examples are:

Serial Port technology Serial communication cable

Older hardware for data collection

Older point of sale (POS) applications

Or you may have an older printer or fax modem. it could still be useful.

The list goes on and on, but you can see that this handy little gadget can be a must have.

What to look for in a Serial Port technology adapter.

Although the Serial Port technology  to USB adapter is usually a simple device, there are some technical specifications to consider:

Serial Port technology

Serial Port technology

Serial Port technology Plug types:

USB connector: must always be “USB A female”. I have never seen anything else, but check to make sure the standards can change.

Serial connector – Serial Port technology Generally described as DB-9 male, DB-9 female, RS-232 male or RS-232 female. Just confirm that the polarity (male / female) suits your needs. If you get the wrong gender, get a gender reassignment (usually about the price of a generic coffee mug).

Number of connectors (sometimes called the number of ports) – In the case of a hub, the serial end has more than one connector. Please confirm that there are enough connections for all your devices.

Serial Port technology Data transfer rate:

Look for 230 KB / s or better – this seems to be the standard. It is slower than standard USB, but faster than most serial communication needs.

Serial Port technology Physical size:

Always check the physical size to make sure it fits out of the way. Also, make sure that the cable length is long enough for your needs.

Serial Port technology Energy:

Most non-hub adapters and some of the hub adapters do not require external power as they draw power Serial Port technology directly from your computer. But some do, and others offer it as an option. If you are using a hub and have some serial devices connected, you should probably consider this as an option. Of course, always confirm that the voltage corresponds to the place where you install this unit.

Serial Port technology Operating system compatibility:

This Serial Port technology is very important. Make sure the serial to USB adapter is compatible with your operating system, and when installing the drivers that come with the product, check for the latest update. Manufacturers often update their Serial Port technology software to correct bugs and add features. It’s free, so take advantage of it.


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