Three Reasons to Choose a Serial Keyboard Over a USB Keyboard

USB keyboards are very popular today USB ports

USB keyboards are very popular today. They are more USB ports modern and come equipped with more features than their predecessors — the serial keyboard. But how advantageous is it to have a USB keyboard? When it comes to response times, there is no noticeable difference between a USB keyboard and a serial keyboard. If USB ports you simply need a functional keyboard that you can use for typing. There is really no need to get a USB keyboard. Here are some more advantages that serial keyboards have over the more modern USB keyboards Backward info technology hub

TechnologyOld technology USB ports do not necessarily mean useless technology. If you are still running an old but serviceable desktop workstation from way back in the 1980s, your computer probably does not have a USB port yet. If it does, your system and its BIOS will have difficulty recognizing advanced computer hardware like a USB keyboard. In a case like this. It is better to pair your old system with old technology such as the serial keyboard USB ports.

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There are so many computer accessories that you can attach to USB ports. Among the most common USB computer hardware are printers. Scanners, optical mice, and external storage devices like the handy thumb-sized USB flash drives. With so many USB devices to choose from, you will unlikely not be able to plug all of your USB hardware directly into your computer at the same time. Laptop computers only come with two or four USB ports.

Desktops can have around six USB ports. If you are low on USB ports, you can free up one port by using a serial keyboard. Serial keyboards have a designated serial slot at the back of your computer. Affordable Being old and sporting no more than the familiar. Organized rows of keys on its rectangular interface, a serial keyboard sells cheaper than a modern USB keyboard loaded with features. The latest USB keyboards with all the bells and whistles demand a premium price.

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Most USB ports of the features of a high-end USB keyboard are not really necessary for the regular computer user although they can make typing and navigation easier. Some pricey keyboards can boast programmable keys, volume control keys, and other multimedia buttons, and keys that open pre-designated Windows applications. Some are made for heavy Internet users and sport back, forward and browser refresh buttons. While USB ports these features are indeed useful, most computer users can do without them. If your keyboard can be attached to a serial port, there is really no reason why you should attach it to a USB port on your computer. A  USB port serial keyboard can function just as well as a regular USB keyboard.

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